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University of North Carolina at Charlotte CCI
Art Direction | Design


We were approached by the College of Computing and Informatics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to assist them with building brand awareness and helping them to build enrollment in their graduate program. The creative revolved around the idea of moving forward, improving or refreshing your life or career and how a degree or certificate can land them a new or better job.

The overall design looked to convey professionalism and credibility while also creating a sense of excitement and possibility through visually appealing and informative graphics and animations. A mix of technology-related imagery such as circuit boards, digital networks and binary code combined with a bold and vibrant color palette reflected the technical aspects of the degree while maintaining a professional and authoritative feel.

Photography framed around diverse individuals working in technology fields, engaging in teamwork, or solving complex problems, demonstrated the dynamic and rewarding nature of the degree.


As a result of bold creative and strategic media planning, CCI saw an increase in online activity and a significant increase in applications. There was also an increase in web form inquiries submitted in comparison to previous years and more master’s students registered for the Fall 2020 term than in previous years.